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Family Law in St. Petersburg covers a vast array of areas. Specifically, when discussing Family Law, you encounter the following areas:  Dissolution of Marriages; Child Custody (Now called "Time-Sharing"); Alimony; Child Support and Paternity. Fairly often, most areas you will find overlap each other.  For example, in a Dissolution of Marriage action with minor children, a litigant may be exposed to litigating child custody issues, child support issues, and Alimony.  In Paternity actions, a litigant may be presented with issues revolving around child support and child custody (again, now referred to as "time-sharing).   

St. Petersburg, FL Divorce Lawyer

In the state of Florida, in order to successfully have a judge grant a request to dissolve a marriage, subject matter jurisdiction must exist.  Essentially, this means that either party, must have been a resident of the state of Florida for six consecutive months, prior to the petitioning party filing their action.  Please note, that this means the Petitioner can theoretically be a resident of say New York, but if his/her spouse satisfied the residency requirement, the petition can be filed in Florida, based on the Respondent's residence. In addition, in order for Florida to have jurisdiction regarding any child custody issues, Florida must be the child or children's home state (for subject matter jurisdiction to exist).  Essentially, it's whichever state the minor child(ren), have resided in one state for at least 6 consecutive months.   It is very important that whenever you're dealing with a Family Law Matter, to retain competent counsel to assist you.  Jurisdictional issues can be tricky and complicated, even for the more seasoned practitioners.  Please feel free to reach out to us, to schedule your Case Strategy Session.