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We offer low cost Case Strategy Sessions and Flat Fee pricing! 


  • Reasonable retainers as low as $1,000.00 to start your case!

  • Payment Plans & Financing Available for select clients!
  • Family Law Document Preparation Services starting at only $399

  • Optional Representation to Mediation & beyond (as the client you choose)*

* Based on approximate number of hours      necessary to complete matter
  1. St. Petersburg Eviction Attorney
    St. Petersburg Eviction Attorney
    Are you a landlord attempting to evict someone from your rental property? Are you a landlord seeking an attorney to draft your residential lease agreement? Please call us today to see if we can be of help!
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We are determined to obtain the relief you are looking for.  Whether you are looking to prevail in small claims court, obtain child-support/time-sharing in your matter, enforcing your rights as a landlord/tenant,  or seeking any other legal assistance, we are here for you.  
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    Family Law
    We handle the following issues: Divorces Paternity Divorce Child Support/Department of Revenue Time-Sharing Alimony Much more!
  2. 2
    We handle the following types of Landlord/Tenant matters: Residential Evictions Lease drafting/review Claim on security deposit 3-day notices 7-day notices and much more!
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    Legal Advice
    We offer: Over the phone Case Strategy Sessions In-office Case Strategy Sessions Low cost We only charge if we believe we can help!
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  1. Licensed Attorneys
    All attorneys here, are licensed by the Florida Bar. Whether you are dealing with a Family Law matter or Residential Landlord/Tenant matter, we are here to help you resolve your legal matter. We will work efficiently, while keeping your costs reasonable. If you have any questions that are outside the scope of our practice, we will refer you to competent counsel.
  2. Flat Fees for all matters
    Are you tired of being billed hourly? Do you believe that your attorney is billing you for unnecessary tasks? Constantly wondering if you have exceeded the number of hours you have paid for? We offer FLAT FEE BILLING (which eliminates all of the problems above) One payment and you're done!
  3. Low cost Legal Advice
    We offer "Case Strategy Sessions" which is different from the traditional "consultation." With consultations, most attorneys will invite you to come in and discuss your legal issue, but will not render any legal advice, until a retainer is paid. Contrary to the traditional consultation, we offer Case Strategy Sessions, where a small fee is charged, and we answer any and all questions you have pertinent to your case.