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Evicting a tenant from a property is a difficult and dangerous process.  Get help from a St. Petersburg, FL eviction lawyer.  Legal counsel will protect your finances, your properties, and your good reputation.  St. Petersburg, Florida, is a city in Pinellas County, and home to over 250,000 people. St. Petersburg is a living center that’s in high demand at all times.  Many residents have actually taken on additional investment properties that they rent out to tenants.  However, it’s not easy to be a landlord in St. Petersburg.  Tenant disputes are common, and when such disagreements arise, landlords are well advised to seek the aid of a St. Petersburg eviction lawyer.  This is crucial if you want to keep your investment rental afloat.  A St. Petersburg eviction lawyer who knows the local area well is better equipped to help you deal with a Pinellas County (Clearwater & St. Petersburg) tenant eviction.
There are numerous steps you’ll need to take to resolve a St. Petersburg landlord tenant dispute.

Eviction Process- St. Petersburg & All of Florida

First, you must notify the tenant that you plan to evict him or her.  If your tenant doesn’t respond at all, your St. Petersburg eviction lawyer can file an eviction lawsuit with the Clearwater Court or Pinellas County Court.  You must then serve the tenant with the court summons.  If the tenant still doesn’t respond, file a request for default.  You shouldn’t have any trouble obtaining this if you work with a Miami eviction attorney.
Once the default has been obtained, we request from the local judge a final eviction judgment.  Your lawyer can help you with this.  The judge will grant you a writ of possession, which will allow you to contact the sheriff and ask that the tenant be forcibly evicted.  The sheriff will do this at an arranged time.
This is what the process looks like for an uncontested St. Petersburg  tenant eviction.  An uncontested eviction occurs when the tenant refuses to respond at any point in the process.  If the tenant does respond to your eviction notice, however, the case takes a different turn.
The tenant’s response makes the case a contested eviction.  Contested evictions are much more complex, and these are the ones that can cause serious trouble for St. Petersburg landlords.  Various forms of litigation and even courtroom trials can result.  You are highly advised to retain the services of a St. Petersburg eviction lawyer if a tenant contests your eviction notice.