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As a general rule, both parents of a child have an obligation to contribute towards the support of their child.  For the typical couple who is married and living together as a family unit, the support of their childen is worked out between them, with no intervention of a court.  This is often also the case when unmarried parents live together as a family unit.  It's when the parents are living apart and have a disagreement about how much each should be contributing that they typically turn to the court for assistance.  If married parents file for dissolution of marriage, either parent can ask the court to order the other to pay child support.  Either may also file a motion to seek temporary relief (child support) while the dissolution of marriage case is pending.  Sometimes married parents separate, but for religious or other reasons they don't want to file for a dissolution of marriage.  One parent may abandon the other parent and the child, and stop contributing to their financial support.  The Florida Legislature has established a way for separated parents to seek child support, through a court procedure for support unconnected with a dissolution of marriage.  If a child is born out of wedlock, either parent can file a paternity case to ask the court to order the other parent to pay child support.  Even if paternity  has been legally established, any dispute about child support can only be resolved by a court.  In a paternity case, the amount of child support is determined by using the child support guidelines worksheet .  If you find yourself in a situation where you are seeking child support for your child or children, please do not hesitate to contact us for your low cost Case Strategy Session.