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St. Petersburg, FL Debt Collection Defense Attorneys

Stop Garnishment Now

Are you being sued for an unpaid debt?  We all understand that it can be a scary, uncertain experience. What can I do? Do I need a lawyer? Can I afford a lawyer? Can they take my paycheck? Where should I keep my money? I don't want my employer to find out. These are all legitimate questions and concerns. Our St Petersburg Debt Collection Defense Attorneys have helped many of consumers just like you with problems associated with debt. We will help you too. We will sit down with you and first try to understand your case and what has brought you here. Then, our Law Firm and its attorneys will seek to understand your goals and evaluate both the lawsuit that has been filed against you, as well as determine what defenses and possible counter-lawsuits you have against the creditor or debt buyer that is suing you. Through this comprehensive process, we will craft a personalized plan to not only deal with this debt and lawsuit, but to try and create an offensive strategy, providing you both possible leverage and a basis for recovering fees and costs associated with your representation. A truly comprehensive and creative form of advocacy!

Avoid Wage Garnishment

Garnishment is the process whereby a creditor attempts to seize assets that a debtor owns. To do so, however, the creditor or debt buyer must first get a judgment against you. As discussed above, we will try to fight that process. If a creditor or debt buyer does get a judgment against you, then, subject to Florida exemptions (i.e., laws that protect assets and keep them out of the reach of creditors), they may contact your employer and ask that a portion of your paycheck be withheld and paid to them to satisfy your debt. Most of the time, if a consumer did not have the money to pay the debt in the first place, adding a wage garnishment of up to 25% of your salary is simply devastating.
Our attorneys are well versed in debtor rights and will sit down to either help you claim your wages as exempt, if possible, or try to settle the debt and get the garnishment dissolved. If you find yourself being garnished, contact us today so that we can help you resolve the debt and regain your freedom.

St. Petersburg, FL Debt Settlement Attorney

First and foremost in people's minds when facing a past-due debt is "how can I settle this debt?" At our Law firm, our attorneys and staff have spent a significant amount of time helping consumers settle their debts.

Avoid Judgment

Perhaps one of the most damaging aspects of debt collection defense is having a judgment entered against you in a court of law and public record.
Several things happen as a result of having a judgment entered against you: 
  • Possible judicial lien on real estate
  • Possible wage garnishment (subject to exemptions)
  • Possible account garnishment (subject to exemptions)
  • Negative credit reporting impact

Our attorneys will fully analyze the debt collection lawsuit that has been filed against you and recommend strategies to help you avoid having a judgment entered against you . . . and use those strategies to help you successfully settle the debt with the least possible cost or consequence to you.

Pay Percentage of What is Owed

Depending in who is collecting the debt -- the original creditor or a debt buyer -- we will try to not only settle the debt, but do so at favorable financial terms. While we certainly cannot promise a percentage that we can settle your debt, experience tells us that original creditors might settle defaulted debts between 40 percent to 60 percent on the dollar. Debt buyers, on the other hand, will typically settle debts at lower percentages that first-party creditors, ranging from 10 percent to 50 percent on the dollar.

Reasonable Fees

Our Flat Fee to represent you:

$655.00 Small Claims Court
$800.00 County Court
$1,000.00 Circuit Court